M C International Links

What about us?

M C International Links Limited Is a UK based company. We provide consultancy and hands on comprehensive solutions in project management, volunteer recruitment, corporate responsibility and international operations.

Through those years we have been working with different organisations as British Embassy, Law Society, local councils, as well as with Hilt and Vitalise in England

M C International Links believes in voluntary work and is looking for volunteers.

Group of Volunteers from M C International Links. Collanaque, Lima.

OUR MISSION: Promote social development and equal human rights for everyone.

OUR VISION: The power is in youth hands as the key for sucess and big changes in our society. .

OUR OBJECTIVE: A better society with justice and equal rights.


Asentamiento Humano Collanaque. Carretera Central, Lima 
(project to improve water quality)


7 Somerset Court,136 Queens Road. Buckhurst Hill. IG9 5AT. England
Contact us:

Email: info@mcinternationallinks.co.uk