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Training Workshops in Project Management and Fundraising 

Introduction : 

Organisations working in international development and poverty alleviation require a well structured and focused plan in order to secure the funds needed. Furthermore, a successful implementation will in turn advance your cause and enhance your reputation. Both will be achieved when planning is effective, accurate and delivered in a suitable manner.

What this means for participants: 

"Advance"is a programme planning training that aims at those in the frontline of the business development. "Advance has been developed and focussed on:  

Improving the assessment and management of the organisation's profile to capitalise on the available opportunities and successfully achieve its mission; Increasing skills and competences to assess and respond to opportunities quickly; design a programme that can be feasible delivered.  

The programme comprises a 5 - day workshop"Advance"is a programme planning training that aims at those in the frontline of the business development Click for more information

Course Content: 

The "Advance" training prepares decision makers and planners at the heart of the organisation to design a bespoke plan workable in terms of funding and implementation  

Inside the organisation: PESTLE and SWOT analysis. Dealing with the conflict:Solving disputes Planning a workable programme:funding and grant writing Click here for more information

Increased skills to planning the organisation's programmes Click here for more information.  

Advance course dates:  

Monday:9:30 am -17:30pm:  

Brief Intoduction of participants Introduction to the dynamics of the workshop. SWOT Analysis ( group work). PESTLE Analysis (group work). Review of Analysis. Dealing with conflicts (workshop).  


Tuesday: 9:30 am- 15:30pm  

Funding opportunities:fundraising and grant writing. Fundraising strategies presentation. Fundraising strategies workshop.   

Wednesday:9:30 am- 15:30pm  

Grant writing basics: identifying funding, partnerships, stakeholders. Grant writing: The Project Cycle Management. Grant writing technical tools: The tree of problems,the logical framework,the budget.   

Thursday: 9:30 am- 15:30pm  

Grant writing workshop(group work)   

Friday: 9:30 am- 13:30pm  

Field visit  

Comprehensive guidance and support for those who are interested. Click here for more information

How to Book a Place: 

Emailing to info@mcinternationallinks.co.uk Click here for more information


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