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Volunteering in the UK  


  With Anita, peruvian volunteer awarded Volunteer of the Year in London, England

We are proud to say that for over twenty years we have been sucessfully placing volunteers in the UK, helping those in need and building bridges between cultures.
We are extremely grateful to our over 500 volunteers who havecommitted their time and life to support the vulnerable in the UK, bringing an smile, a friendly chat and a supportive hand.
If you like to help people, enhance your CV with transferable skills, all the while making friends, learning about other cultures, improving your English and travel around ...
Then come and volunteer in the UK with us ... dare to do it !!!

 Patty's arrival England - UK

 Frank's arrival England - UK

What do I need? 

 Communicational English (if not, let us know).
 Willingness to help
 between 18 – 35 years old (if not, let us know)

In The UK.


  In England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland. 

Buckingham Palace. London- England.

The Red Dragon - Symbol of Wales.

Edinburgh castle. Scotland- UK.

What is it about? 

Volunteers are the service users’ eyes, and feet voicing their needs in any of the following projects: :
 Disabled people
 People with learning difficulties
 Homeless people


For how long? 

You decide for how long you want volunteer within this timeframe minimum 4 months maximum 12 months. .

How can I participate then? 

 . We will interview you via Skype or Messenger to assess your fluency in English and your profile. Send us an e mail Shortly afterwards we will notify you if you were successful in which case you will have to: .

Fill out an application form

  • attaching a recent colour photograph.

  • Provide two reference letters (not from friends or relatives)

  • Provide a police check

  • Pay the placement fee of US $3,000 (non - refundable fee) .This fee does not include return tickets, visa or health surcharge fees. Note that this fee is only for our placements in the UK. For our projects in India and Peru send us an e mail to know about the placement fee.

What type of visa will I get? 

If you are a non EU citizen, you will get a Tier 5 - Charity Worker visa.
Once registered you will you be issued with the Certificate of Sponsorship and be advised on the visa application.
For any queries, please send us an e mail.

Daniela and Alicia arriving at Gatwick Airport- UK.

What will I get in exchange? 

You will be fully sponsored whilst volunteering! :

  • Furnished and comfortable accommodation .

  • Food.

  • Living expenses.

  • Utility bills paid

  • Induction prior to departure.

  • Pastoral care throughout your stay.

  • Socials.

  In England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland. 

Christmas time- England.

London- England.

Beach Time!- England.

Time for Ice skating! England.

Punting- England.

Any other benefit? 

Sure! You will experience life in Europe, make friends from all over the world and become independent, more tolerant and learn lots of new transferable skills. You will surely grow up, but overall you will have the blessing to have helped those in need... we can guarantee you that this will be a life changing experience you won’t be the same after this!

Party time. England 

Helping and making Friends. England 

Christmas dinner. England 

Summer time. England 

Lu. England 

What volunteers say: 

What I can say about my year as volunteer is that it was an amazing experience although at first I was a little indecisive and scare of taking this big challenge. I would never regret and I will even do it again because living in another culture and meeting new friends from different countries whilst helping homeless people made grow in different aspects of my life, all in all I am so grateful and glad for have taken this opportunity that changed my way of thinking and perspective to keep improving and helping others.

Hi, my name is Hector and I am from Venezuela. My experience as a volunteer in The UK was extraordinary because I really enjoy helping disable people who taught me a lot of things with their generosity and receptivity to other cultures. Also the disabled people as well as the volunteers made me able to see other points of view about life which is absolutely necessary nowadays. After my experience I encourage everyone on the world to try this experience, to open your mind and your heart to this good cause which will make you mature and develop new skills which I am sure you have never thought you had.

I am very grateful to M C International Links for the exceptional experiece I had during my time as volunteer. In this time I developed skills that are very useful in my current field of work. Additionally, M C International Links opened my eyes to new opportunities and gave me the vision to continue growing personally and professionally.
Furthermore my experience as a volunteer contributed to fulfil one of my most important goals in life, to help people to reach their maximun potential as a whole.


Placements occur all through the year

Warwick Castle. England


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